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Muhtar Kucukbuk

Muhtarin Yeri, Kucukbuk, Gundogan

I am not sure if I can write an unbiased review about this place. There are several reasons for that. I am a summer time resident of Kucukbuk as of 20 years now and a customer of Muhtar from the very first day.  The hospitality and friendship of Muhtar together with down to earth character of all his family impressed me a lot throughout those years.

Now their customer base reaches far beyond the Gundogan Residents. Many celebrities, tourists also love to spend at least one night of their holidays dining at the pier of muhtar. The uniqueness is the friendliness, simpleness and the value for money when considered with other upscale options. Perfect place to have an informal yet good dining experience…

Note: The place is open anytime of the day. Serves breakfast, lunch, and has a separate bar. Muhtar also has a small-scaled apart hotel available for rent. For the reservation and inquiries regarding hotel and restaurant those numbers are available

Tel. 0 252 387 71 88
GSM. 0 532 231 15 80

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