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Kurucabuk, Datca Aktur

Kurucabuk is one of the relatively larger bays of the Hisaronu Bay. The sea quality here is amazing. It has a clear deep blue color. Not so often you would have an impressive sea color with the land being green. But here you can have the best of both worlds.

At the centre of the bay, Datca Aktur holiday complex occupies the land. This complex has couple of restaurants, summerhouses and a camping facility as well. The camping is one of the few decent ones in the area.

One drawback for sailors is; it is not a secluded bay because of the holiday complex. Perfect for  lunch or swimming but I would prefer a more natural environment to stay at night. Perhaps more towards Knidos or Bencik where you can find a more natural setting could be an ideal choice to stay at night.


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