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Bencik, Hisaronu Bay

The sea color of bencik is not the perfect blue we get used to in this region but still it is one of my favorite spots in the whole Aegean area. It has this natural gift to offer you the fantastic blend of Green and Blue. There are lost of small inlets available for mooring when you approach from the Hisaronu.

My preference is not to go further inside the inlet since the water becomes blurrier and you reach residential holiday villages. Personally, I prefer to anchor near those small inlets you see on your left hand side while entering the bay. The trees rise upon the sea and when you moor close to the land you benefit from their shadow.

My advice is to be aware of bees. Depending on the season, their number can reach to a level where it can create serious discomfort. The good new is this is only limited with the early morning and the sunset.

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