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Amazon Club, Bordubet, Gokova

One of the scenic routes to take a short motorcycle journey is perhaps the road between Datca and Marmaris. It is a true escape to nature. The landscape is magnificent. On your left and right Aegean Sea is there with its all beauty. Follow the road from Datca to Marmaris and about half an hour later watch for a small sign that writes ‘Amazon Club turn left”. Road turns to tarmac after the turn. This road is perhaps best enjoyed with an off road vehicle but still it’s manageable with a normal car. After 20 minutes of driving; passing several beautiful  inlets on your way, you arrive at this green heaven where the Amazon Club is located. The place was mainly a camping site at the time I was there. However it might have changed.

This was really a hidden gem back then.  Hope it still is like that.


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