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Zell am See, Austria

Zell am See is a romantic, small village overlooking a beautiful lake. In terms of skiing, it was not the most satisfying experience of my life, but still was more than acceptable. Maybe at this stage you want to refer back to my skiing skills and motivations to have a complete idea of the comments being made. I am an experienced skier and like to experience some tough slopes and off piste routes a place has to offer. Zell am See has couple of such slopes. Having said that I don’t want to make an impression that the slopes are more geared towards experienced skiers. In general the place is full of intermediate level slopes. Especially the main run is a moderate one that gives a bit of everything every skier wants.

The village itself is a quiet one. What I feel is there is a limited nightlife activity going on in the town. Zell am See is probably not the first choice of amusement seeking energetic youngsters. But it is an ideal place to people who want to improve their skiing while relaxing on a romantic village.

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