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Kitzbuhel, Tyrol Austria

My Kitzbuhel trip was the one of the most entertaining holidays of my life. It was the new years eve of 2001 and the atmosphere was excellent. It is really special at those ski resorts at this time of the year. The celebration feeling and mood of the people together with the beauty of the nature gives you a very warm and peaceful feeling. In addition the added entertainment including the fireworks, outside parties, people dancing all around the streets as if the weather is not damn cold is exciting.

Kitzbuhel is a relatively large ski center when compared with the many well-known Austrian alternatives. It is rather like a small city than a village. The town is cute though unlike the many big resorts of this kind. It is a popular resort especially for the Brits. Even one of the famous pubs of the town is called Londoner. The ski runs are also satisfactory. Majority of the lifts and systems are in good shape and are relatively new. The infrastructure and transportation is also good as it is an Austrian Classic. The slopes are more geared towards the intermediates but still if you are an expert you can find few runs that will give you the adrenalin that you seek for. For the beginners it is also no brainer. There are many slopes that you feel totally confident but the only problem is the crowd in those easy slopes.

I find the overall quality and complexity of the slopes satisfying but not excellent. One reason for it was the limited options for snowboarders at that time. I am sure they have built some parks and fun stuff geared specifically to snowboarders afterwards.

To sum up with; Kitzbuhel is a big, organized, popular ski resort which offers tons of activities other than skiing. However, if you prefer a more traditional style small Austrian village type, this might not be your best bet.

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