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Kiseli Island, Bozburun

Kiseli Ada is my preferred anchorage in this area. It is a lovely place to spend a night or even two. If you don’t have time it is also ideal for a quick swim. The sea color is lovely here. Only thing is, it is quite a small spot and can accommodate no more than couple of boats. However, behind this small island (the west side) there is another spot, which is also fine. In addition the west side can accommodate more boats. Be aware that northern end is shallower. The landscape is beautiful no matter where you moor here. Especially the part where the trees reach to the sea. It is my favorite spot.

I am a bit afraid of the change in the quality of the water though. Currently, it is tolerable but with these fish farms around I am really concerned about the future.

Warning: Some say there are rats in the island and it might be useful to cut a bottle and get it pass the ropes within to block the entrance for any unwanted guest.

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