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Kabak, Near Oludeniz, Turkey

If what you expect from a summer holiday is somehow different than the mainstream; this part of Fethiye offers you endless possibilities. Butterfly Valley is among one of them and Kabak is another very good option.

The last time I’ve been in Kabak was in 2004.  After a trekking activity that lasted about half an hour we reached to our destination. What we get was a primitive facility where you sleep at tree houses and share the food prepared all together in the same table. We stayed there one night and the experience was really a welcoming experience. The beach was spectacular in a way that only the ones who know this secret bay enjoyed at the time.

Update: I am hearing about Kabak from here and there quite frequently which is a sign that it is no more a hidden gem. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. I understand now there are couple of boutique options to stay in the area which still intends to provide you with that primitive feel.


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