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Turkbuku is probably one of the most impressive natural bays in the whole Mediterranean area. It used to be a very special and private bay where only few intellectuals, travellers, Bodrum enthusiasts used to come and relax. There are several well-known and established hotels and restaurants in the bay for a long time  and many others followed them with its incredible growth in the last few years.

In the last 10 years there is a tremendous change and development in Turkbuku. Now the place is much more popular. Vast number of tourists are visiting the place and it is one of the major venues of entertainment in Bodrum’s nightlife. The bay acts also as a natural harbour. It is protected from almost any strong wind. Nevertheless in the last few years the number of yachts anchoring here increased significantly, which raises the questions of excess pollution and sustainability.

For many Bodrum enthusiasts , this rapid development cycle is a real concern. The issue of sustainability is one aspect of the issue and the loss of local authenticity with the increased demand and population is the other side of the medallion. Yet, Turkbuku is still regarded as the most exclusive and chic holiday destination in Turkey. The area gets attention especially from Turks with high-income level and celebrities from all around the world.

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