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Flims / Laax, Switzerland

I have visited Laax/Flims in 1998.  More than ten years have passed. So take my comments with a grain of salt.

I think it is a very decent ski resort. The infrastructure first of all was excellent. The Gondolas, The speedier and comfortable chair lifts are all worth mentioning. The quality, length and the feel of slopes were also very nice. I remember wide and comfortable slopes and nice and winding valley routes.

I decided to shift skiing from snowboard after the first day  because I couldn’t find fun parks but this should have changed because a trusted friend recommended me there lately for especially snowboarding.

The majority of the slopes were really fun to cruise and I felt like they might suit better for intermediates but I may be mistaken because sometimes you  simply can not  find the demanding routes that are relatively hidden.  On the other hand I remember a lot of routes where you ski nearby the trees, which always gives me a pleasant feeling. The scenery in addition was really joyful. Not to mention the quality of the restaurants on the slopes. The quality of the snow was really good when considered it was late March-Early April.

Quite interestingly I was surprised to see no signs of  Après ski when compared to my Austrian trips. Another fact that I find less impressive was the village. It was spread in a wide area and you do not get the cozy village feel you get used to in many alpine resorts.  Walking distance to the lifts were also a bit long from many hotels.

Long story short, the ski area is big and offers many alternatives. The infrastructure is probably much better than many other European resorts. However I felt like the place is not a perfect match for my taste because of the disconnected feel of the skiing activity and the village atmosphere.

Photo (shown big) by sportcommunities on flickr under CC BY-SA 2.0

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