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Bodrum, Downtown Info

Bodrum is perhaps one of the most vibrant villages in the entire Mediterranean. With its highly reputable underwater museum (located inside the Bodrum Castle), with its narrow streets, with its local shops and above all with its really colourful and sometimes a bit wild night life Bodrum downtown is a must see place.

In the harbour there are many boats where you can arrange daily boat trips or a longer Blue Voyage  with the famous local boats called Gulets.
On the road that leads to marina you will find  many quality restaurants and bars. The Marina and its shopping complex includes some popular brands as well.

The narrow road that leads from the castle towards the other end where the Halicarnas Disco is located is where it gets busiest especially in summer time. It is also the heart of the night life. Many small bars, clubs and restaurants are located with one next to another in this crowded street.

I recommend you to take a look at the famous Bodrum Sandals especially to the authentic shops located in the Ataturk Street. When the road finally gets wider, welcomes you the public beach.


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