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Kelebekler Vadisi, Fethiye

Kelebekler Vadisi (can be translated as valley of butterflies) is really a heavenly place located few km’s south of the Oludeniz. The access to valley from land is not easy. Only experienced climbers can do that. It was 2004 summer by the time I was in Kelebekler Valley. Charter boats handled the transportation at that time. They were providing service from Oludeniz three or four times a day. The journey to Kelebekler Valley is not long though. It only takes about an hour. The valley at the 90’s had more of a primitive nature and it was really an authentic place. In my last visit in 2004, I felt like the experience become a bit more mainstream. Atmosphere was still unique though. You camp in the beach, you open your tent, relax in the beach and then there was this basic facility where there are showers, food area and a bar.

What is truly overwhelming in this valley is the sunset and the sunrise. At the sunset the sun dives in to the sea and this can be viewed directly from the beach. It is a really fantastic experience to watch it slowly dives in to the sea.

In the early morning the nature and colors are also amazing. There were no hotels or motels available at 2004 and I hope this is still the case right now.

What I always hope about that place is that I wanted it to be a secret place forever. Eventually this dream is now gone but still I think it would be a whole different experience for an adventurous traveler.

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