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Agil Bay, Hisaronu

This is by all means a lovely bay. When you follow north from the Orhaniye (Marti Marina) it takes approximately 2 hours with a sailing boat (average 5 knots).

Bay is a good shelter especially in the summer. It is protected from almost any wind. In summertime many boats prefer the southern direction but still I feel safer when I get protected from the Karayel (northwest wind). Because you never know if a dağtepmesi (a strong wind that comes through the hills in the early mornings) would occur or not.

I am quite certain that this is the one of the very best spots in the entire Aegean region. It does not have a splendid green nature. However what  it has is this amaing sea quality. You will love to swim there. The bay itself is like a pool and it is lovely. You can have a chat with fisherman and buy fish and many other products that he intends to sell. Especially the “Bazlama” (a variety of Bread) he brings at mornings is my definite favorite.


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