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A foreword to my Ski Resort Comments

I am actively skiing since my childhood and participated in high school team as a licensed skier for a short while. It was 1995; I could not resist the increasing popularity of the snowboard and gave it a try. For five to six years I carried both my skiing and board equipment  to anywhere I go but then I find my self having more time snowboarding rather than skiing.

I used to be a skier with a dedicated motivation. While skiing, occasionally I seek for some increased dose of adrenalin. But I have to say I don’t like taking irrational risks and avoid such circumstances. Time have passed and so my twenties… My motivation to get superior technically in both sports have declined.

But now I have discovered even more valuable motive. It is being close to those beautiful mountains and basically enjoying it. Be it Alps, Pirañas, Whistler in British Columbia or the local mountains like Kartalkaya, Uludag or Palanadoken of my home country Turkey. I get an enormous satisfaction enjoying the views and scenery. In addition there is no other feeling that can substitute watching a fire place with a glass of wine after an earned day full of sports.

Catching up with friends in that beautiful environment is another plus. After all, isn’t it  what we all want ? To indulge ourselves whilst keeping fit, together with the company of our loved ones. In such holidays everything becomes so simple and peaceful. That is why I love ski holidays. That is why I felt like I have to share my experiences with you. Thus, I believe I have traveled enough to provide some tips for ski and snowboard and also f0r the leisure aspect of the activity. I hope you find them helpful in your search for a new holiday.


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  1. Selim August 21, 2011 at 12:48 pm #

    Respect !

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