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Kaptan’in Yeri, Kucukbuk, Gundogan

Update to the post: it was 2009 I first wrote about this place and 7 years have passed till then. Kucukbuk has changed quite dramatically up until then. It’s not a small bay with only few summer residents now, so the beach is quite crowded now. And Kaptan’s place is now a patisserie which still serves some of the Kaptan’s classics as well.

Kaptan is a place that you do not want to miss in Kucukbuk. This place is characterized with this impressive tree in the middle of the beach and the Kaptan Huseyin himself. Kaptan is a former fisherman and a farmer. Now he and his family operates this small restaurant where you can have a lovely breakfast and lunch. Gozleme is one of my favorites for breakfast. For lunch time you can either go with Manti or try the home made specials for the day.

The shadow of this legendary tree is a perfect location to rest. You can enjoy reading your book or magazine whilst enjoying your food. Even in the most humid and hot times a light breeze always touches the surrounding of this tree. A must visit place if you are near…

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