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Menorca 4

Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Of the whole islands I have been in Mediterranean, Menorca has this something that impressed me beyond it’s natural beauty. What I mean is not a tangible thing but rather a feeling you get after you spend couple of days. Yes it has one of the finest selection of beaches. Yes it is easily accessible […]

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Antibes, French Riviera

Antibes is one of the iconic places to visit in the riviera. It has a very lively town centre and an interesting terrain, coupled with nice restaurants. You have to be careful though. Let me tell you why: When we first arrived to Antibes, we parked our car to hotels garage and let ourselves directly […]

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Beaujolais Vineyards

Beaujolais Region, France

A visit to the wine making region of Beaujolais is a meditative activity. The landscape here at the hills of Beaujolais is so wonderful, so peaceful that you can spend hours looking to those lovely vineyards and the shadows they create. Not to mention the vast number of vineyards you can visit. Just in the […]

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